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The area of safety that towers provide.
One of the six towers that each teams have.

Bindings are the main defensive structure in the game currently; providing safety for both your team, as well as the Guardian with the invulnerability that they provide him with. When provoked, whether by an allied Shaper taking damage while near it, or an enemy walks into the radius of the Binding. Early game they can easily do large amounts of damage, taking around 1/5 to 1/7 of a character's base Health, even with Health-oriented loadouts. They are a threat to be reckoned with, and often can only be sieged along with a minion wave. There are three different tiers of Bindings currently in the game. Each one has different stats, and can only be destroyed once the one before it is. They also all level up one time each minute, with the first leveling occurring at 3 minutes, up to level 30. Whenever a Binding levels up, it gains 4 damage onto its' auto attacks, regardless of what tier it is. Each team gets two of each tier of tower; one in each lane. The ones closest to the middle of the map are Tier 1, the ones behind that are Tier 2, and finally the ones inside the base are Tier 3.

Tier 1[edit | edit source]

These are the basic Bindings, and also the ones farthest out from the team's main base. These four bindings all start with a base of 165 damage at level 1. They also have 50 armor, and 3,000 Health at all times, giving them an effective Health level of 4,500 exactly against physical based attacks. The Bindings mainly provide control over the Orange buff for both teams, but also cover some of the center area past the walls of the Blue buffs. However, dealing such low damage and having a lower Health amount than the other Bindings, as well as it being the first Bindings you can attack, these are likely to go down quite quickly after about level 7-8, when your lane will often end up skirmishing. After the battle, if no teammates are nearby, a quick push can easily knock these towers down before a counter-attack can be done.

Tier 2[edit | edit source]

The next set of Bindings that you can access, these Bindings have slightly more Health and Damage than the tier 1's that are at the forefront of the battle. They have 200 damage at level one, and again the same armor, but more Health at 3,750 in total. After armor calculation, their effective amount of Health against physical damage is 5,625, quite a bit higher than the tier 1's Health level. While still taken out relatively quickly, the main problem here is the relative closeness between the two lanes. A team can easily shift through the Jungle from one lane to another at this point, in order to go and protect the other lane's Binding. This makes pushes with a small group of 1 or 2 relatively risky, since it leaves you open to pincer attacks from the entrances right behind you from the Blue buff area. However, after taking out a few enemies, or else when they're distracted elsewhere like a Spirit Well, it should be an easy enough push. Losing these towers means losing control of the Spirit Wells, and the last grips on the Blue and Green buff area, dealing quite a blow to a team already slightly behind since it puts them in no position to contest the Spirit Wells.

Tier 3[edit | edit source]

This is the final Binding you can reach while pushing through the lanes. These are tier 3 towers, the most powerful ones currently in the game. Located inside the main base for each team, they are quite easily defended considering their positioning, as well as being so close to the Locus to heal should need arise. They deal 250 damage an auto attack by base, again have 50 armor, but the biggest thing about them is their 4,500 Health pool. Having the Heath of the first tier before even factoring in it's armor, it's pretty tanky to all attacks. After calculations, the total damage needed to kill it through physical damage goes all the way up to 6,750. Pushing down something like this isn't that easy, and unless you're a dedicated tank, it's pretty likely you can't soak up its' damage very well. There are two main ways to take down these Bindings. The first is either to wipe or nearly wipe the enemy team outside of their base, afterwards pushing on the Bindings with a minion wave. Your second path is to take level 3 Parasite and let the Striders that spawn from it soak up the damage the Bindings dish out while you poke it down with the time you have. The second one is a lot slower, but doesn't require you to have good teamfighting before you push in order to succeed with it. The first one, however, is a lot quicker than the other plan and can't really be interrupted by the enemy, since most, if not all of them, are dead. In the end, either technique works, and those towers are thrown down. One of these towers must be destroyed before you can attack the power cores, providing them with invincibility otherwise.