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The Chronicles was a webcomic, illustrated by Nicholas Kole, detailing the lore of Dawngate through a visual format. A new page would come out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The entire comic had 85 pages when it was discontinued due to the cancelation of Dawngate by EA as of November 4th, 2014. 8 additional pages were uploaded to the Chronicles Website on the 5th to show the community what was planned to happen in the Dawngate story. All the pages are embedded into this page in case of the Chronicles website being taken down along with the Dawngate servers. If you wish to view any pages in detail, click on that specific page.

The Age of Toil[edit | edit source]

The chapter of the comic showing the opening of the Dawngate, as well as a few of the spirits that were released from the Spirit World with the creation of it.

We, the Blessed[edit | edit source]

Introductions of some of the Shapers from Dawngate, which includes Nissa, Zeri, Desecrator, Raina, and Zalgus, in that order.

Signs and Portents[edit | edit source]

Creation of The Nine, as well as introduction to the Shapers whose lives they touched.

Pawns and Dreamers[edit | edit source]

The reveal of Petrus' experiments, and the introduction of a potential new Shaper.

The Age of Miracles - Season I[edit | edit source]

The Journey of Renzo and Zeri to Lhan Getur, and Zeri's previous escape with Kahgen. Also, a few in-production pages that were going to show Raina and Zalgus meeting with Petrus and Mikella, and two pages showing Renzo and Viyana "flirting" with each other.