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Welcome to the Dawngate Wiki
the Dawngate reference written and maintained by the players.
Please feel free to contribute by creating new articles or expanding on existing ones.
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Current Version: Closed Beta 37.1 Changelog
Dawngate has shut down as of February 5th, 2015, and will no longer continue production.

The Game

Dawngate is a MOBA, built from the ground up by Waystone Games, to look and feel familiar while offering a whole new way to experience MOBA gameplay. Dawngate empowers you to forge the champions you love for the roles you want in a competitive arena, shaped by ever-evolving, community-driven content and story.

  • Empowered Gameplay: A well-balanced, flexible meta
  • Depth to Discover: Master a new MOBA
  • Evolving World: Community-driven story and content

Offical Pages: Main Website • Facebook • Twitter • YouTube
Wiki Community

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