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Like other MOBAs, Dawngate has terms used in and out of the game. Some are shared with other MOBAs, some are unique to Dawngate. Here is a list of common terms, their definitions and links to the related full articles when it applies.

A[edit | edit source]

Active - Abilities that need to be activated via a mouse or key press.
AD - Attack Damage.
AFK - Away From Keyboard. When a player steps away from controlling their Shaper during a match.
Aggro - Targeting priority of AI. Example a Binding will typically target the closest enemy to it, unless an enemy Shaper attacks a Shaper allied with the Binding, then it will target the attacking Shaper instead. One can Aggro an enemy by drawing their fire to you to protect another player, or give an advantage to the team.
Amarynth - Ranged Mage Shaper. Spirit Shaper.
AoE - Area of Effect. AoE damage/healing is spread over an area rather than one specific target.
Assist - To aid in the killing of an enemy Shaper.

B[edit | edit source]

B - By default this is the Recall ability key.
Basko - Melee Ability Bruiser. Pure Shaper.
Beta - The phase of software development that Dawngate is presently in. During Beta there will be many bugs, and balancing issues. There are a few types of beta.

  • Internal - A version of the game being tested by Waystone Games. Typically having Shapers, features and other stuff that isn't in the other beta releases. Generally less stable.
  • Closed - The beta stage Dawngate is in. During Closed Beta, only people with special invitations (Beta Keys) are typically allowed to play the game.
  • Open - A beta test stage where anyone can play the game without an invitation (an account will still be needed). A title is usually feature complete at this point and most testing is to test high loads and to expand usability.

Beta Key - What is required to get into the game at the present time. One may sign up at the official Dawngate page, and follow the developers on Facebook, Twitch and Twitter to gain potential other changes of winning keys. When watching the Twitch stream, you must be following them for them to send a key. Keys on the Twitch stream are generally given at random to somebody who is watching the stream and a follower. Asking for keys in the stream do not improve your chances.
Bindings - The "towers" of Dawngate.
Blessing - The reward that you receive after completing a game. Blink - A movement spell that teleports the Shaper ahead a short distance.
Buff - A positive effect that is in place on a Shaper. Also applies when a change is made by the developers to a Shaper, AI, or anything else in the game that gives it a boost (as opposed to "nerf" which to cut the abilities down).
Bug - An issue with the game where it is not responding as expected.
Burst - A massive amount of damage done in a short period of time.
Bush - Tall grass that Shapers can hide in from opposing units.

C[edit | edit source]

Carry - A Shaper that starts weak in the early game but becoming more powerful as the game progresses. They typically need a Support to carry them until they are ready.
Cerulean - Melee Bruiser Shaper. Pure Shaper.
CC - Crowd Control. An effect that limits movement or actions.
CD - Cool Down. The time it takes for an ability, spell or item to be able to be used again. Measured in tenths of a second.
CDR - Cool Down Reduction. A buff that reduces the cool down time of an ability, spell or item.
Champion - Champions are called Shapers in Dawngate.
Consumables - Items that are typically one use items.
Counter Jungle - To kill the jungle creeps so the opposing team's jungler can not gain the vim and experience from killing them. Sometimes done by leaving one of the smallest creeps in a spot alone to slow down how long until they regenerate.
Creep - AI minions that spawn from one's base and travel down the lanes to engage enemy objectives.

D[edit | edit source]

DC - Disconnect. Sometimes on purpose or accidentally due to a bug, network issues or other.
Debuff - A negative effect in place on a Shaper.
Denial - To kill one's own minions, towers and sometimes players to limit the gold and experience the opposing team gets from getting the last hit. Dawngate does not feature a denial mechanic. Per the FAQ on their Twitch page "We do not have a denial mechanic. In our mind, deny satisfies 2 gameplay goals: provide an additional second-to-second activity in laning to exhibit high skill, and provide a way to harass an enemy's economy. To satisfy these two goals, we instead focused on introducing new second-to-second lane mechanics with our role system (Tactician harass, Gladiator combos) and economy suppression through Spirit Well worker harass."
Desecrator - Melee Tank. Pure Shaper.
Dibs - Ranged Support. Pure Shaper.
DOTA - Defense of the Ancients. Generally considered the grand daddy of the MOBA genre, it was/is originally a Warcraft III modification (the modification itself was based on a modification custom map for the original Starcraft). The history of DOTA is well beyond the scope of this Wiki. Valve Software is making DOTA 2. It is sometimes used to describe the genre.

E[edit | edit source]

E - The Shaper's third ability slot. Doesn't mean it is the third ability they will learn, just the third ability slot by default.
Elo - A system that assigns a mathematically rate a players skill.

F[edit | edit source]

Farm - Killing minions for gold and experience.
Feed - To repeatedly be killed by the enemy team, giving them more Vim and experience. This may be on purpose (a reportable offence) or lack of skill.
Fenmore - Ranged Mage. Health Shaper.
First Blood - The first kill of the game.
Flin Melee Tank. Pure Shaper.
Fog of War - Shadowy areas of the map that are beyond the vision range of the team's Shapers, minions and Wards.
Freia - Melee Carry. Rage Shaper.

G[edit | edit source]

Gank - To attack an unsuspecting Shaper via an ambush, often by one or more Shapers.
Ghosting - Watching a live stream of a match one is in to gain an advantage. Reportable.
GG - Good Game. A common courtesy to say after a well played game regardless if one won or lost.
GL - Good Luck. A common courtesy to say before the start of a game.
GLHF - Good Luck Have Fun. Another common courtesy to say before the start of a game.
Gold - Called Vim in Dawngate.
Guardian - The primary objective of Dawngate. Destroy the opposing Guardian and your team wins the game. Sometimes called Nexus or Ancient in some other MOBAs.

H[edit | edit source]

Harass - To harass an enemy Shaper when there is little chance of retaliation. Generally by attacking them for a few weak shots to keep them away so they can't earn as much Vim or experience.
Hero - Called Shapers in Dawngate.

I[edit | edit source]

Incoming - A warning that enemy Shapers are about to attempt a gank.
Invitation - See Beta Key.
Items - An object used by a Shaper, may be passive, active or consumable.

J[edit | edit source]

Juke - To draw an enemy Shaper, minions, or creeps the wrong direction.
Jungle - The area between and outside the lanes, occupied by neutral creeps.

K[edit | edit source]

K4A - An acronym for Karma for all. Meaning to give every person in the game Karma points. Kel - Melee Tank. Pure Shaper.
Kensu - Ranged Carry. Pure Shaper.
Kindra - Melee Assassin. Pure Shaper.
Kite/Kiting - To back away from a pursuing Shaper, minion or creep while attacking and attempting to dodge attacks. Named for running backwards while pulling a kite.

L[edit | edit source]

Lag - Slow responses during a match. Typically caused by network/Internet issues, but can also be caused by issues with one's computer.
Lane - The paths that the primary rout that Shapers and creeps take. Dawngate presently has two lanes.
Leash - To assist the jungler by drawing the Aggro of a main enemy jungle creep that they are about to attack to help save them from receiving damage. Generally only needed at the very start of the game.
Lillin - Ranged Burst Mage. Pure Shaper - Chastise.
LoL - League of Legends. One of, if not the, most popular MOBAs. It is Free to Play. It is developed by Riot Software. Can also apply to "laugh out loud", but in the MOBA scene it will generally apply to the game.

M[edit | edit source]

Map awareness - Maintaining awareness of what is going on around the map by carefully watching the mini map and scrolling the main play area.
MIA - Missing in Action, see Missing.
Mikella - Ranged Carry. Pure Shaper.
Missing - A call that indicates that an enemy Shaper has left a lane and is possibly going to attempt a Gank.
MOBA - Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. The typical name given to the type of game Dawngate is.
Moya - Melee Attack Speed Bruiser. Energy Shaper.

N[edit | edit source]

Nexus - Called The Guardian in Dawngate.
Nissa - Ranged Carry. Focus Shaper.

O[edit | edit source]

P[edit | edit source]

Parasite - "The Parasite is a large boss monster located in the center of the map. It provides gold, experience, and powerful buffs to all living members of the team that killed it. The Parasite has three forms, the latter two of which provide the specialized buffs. The first evolution occurs at the 5:00 mark, its second evolution occurs at the 12:30 mark, and its final evolution occurs at the 20:00 mark." - From the Parasite page. Similar to 'Baron Nashor' in League of Legends.
Pay to Win - Not used in Dawngate. This is a method used by some free to play games whereby players may pay to gain an unfair advantage over other players who have not paid. Typically for special abilities or items that tip the balance in their favor.
Perks - Bonus stats and passive abilities chosen at the start of each game during Shaper selection. There are several premade perks, with the ability to make one's own perks coming at a unspecified future date. Similar to 'runes' and 'rune pages' in League of Legends.
Petrus - Melee Bruiser. Pure Shaper.
Ping - To mark areas on the map to raise awareness of something for allies, spamming ping is considered bad form. Also refers to the time in milliseconds of a player's latency to the game.
Pot - Potion, typically a health potion.
Pull - To draw a creep's aggro.
Pure Shaper - A Shaper that doesn't use special resources to cast their abilities (cool downs still apply).

Q[edit | edit source]

Q - The Shaper's first ability slot. Doesn't mean it is the first ability they will learn, just the first ability slot by default.
Queue - To search for a match.

R[edit | edit source]

R - By default this is the key that a Shaper's Ultimate/Ulty is assigned to.
Rage quit - When a player leaves a game due to frustrations with the game or other players.
Raina - Melee Tank. Discipline Shaper.
Recall - To return to the base via the recall ability. By default set to B.
Renzo - Melee Support. Inspiration Shaper.
Report - To report offensive or otherwise improper play by another player. Dawngate does not yet have a reporting system in place.
Roles - Roles effect how a Shaper earns vim and experience. There are presently 4 roles (see the Roles article for more information on each):

  • Gladiator - Carry. Killing lane creeps gain stacking vim.
  • Tactician - Support. Gain vim by being near an enemy creep when it is killed. Also gain bonus vim when damaging an enemy Shaper.
  • Hunter - Jungler. Do additional damage to jungle creeps. Heals for a portion of the creep's health. Chance of gaining additional vim.
  • Predator - Ganker. Gain additional vim and experience when killing enemy Shapers. Gain additional vim for killing Spirit Well workers.

Ronan - Ranged Carry. Pure Shaper.

S[edit | edit source]

Sakari - Ranged Control Mage. Frost Shaper - Black Ice. Salous - Melee Bruiser. Pure Shaper - Inner Calm, Outer Storm.
Shaper - The playable champions / heroes of Dawngate. These are the Shapers in the game so far:

Shop - Store where items are purchased. The shop is at one's base. There are no "secret shops" in the present map of Dawngate.
Skin - A different appearance for a Shaper. Can be purchased using Waypoints.
Spirit Wells - Spirit wells are passive resource generators located in the Jungle. Can be controlled by the teams.
Snowball - When one team or Shaper gains an advantage and that advantage builds quickly. Originates from the classic cartoon gag of a snowball rolling down a hill that turns into a massive boulder that rolls over everything in its path.
Solo - When a Shaper takes a lane by themselves.
Spells - Special abilities that all Shapers may access. Spells are earned at levels 1, 10 and 20.
Stream - Used here to indicate live Internet streams, typically on Twitch. Waystone Games has an official Twitch stream, many fans stream their games as well.
Support - A Shaper that is best in aiding and supporting their fellow players, especially Carries.
Surrender - To vote to end a game early when it is clear there is no likely way to win. The game will prompt after a set time of so many players being absent from the game via a disconnect. A simple majority is needed to surrender.

T[edit | edit source]

Tank - A Shaper that can take a great deal of damage.
Teamfight - When many Shapers engage in a battle.
Tower - Called Bindings in Dawngate. They are the primary defense structures in the game.
Tower Dive - To pursue and attack an enemy Shaper past their Binding.
Troll - A person who is disruptive to a player/players or the community for the purpose of upsetting others.
Turret - Called Bindings in Dawngate. They are the primary defense structures in the game.

U[edit | edit source]

Ulti/Ultimate - A Shaper's ultimate ability. Assigned to R by default.

V[edit | edit source]

Varion - Ranged Carry. Pure Shaper.
Vex - Ranged Carry. Pure Shaper.
Vim - The currency of Dawngate, akin to Gold in other MOBAs.
Voluc - Melee Attack Speed Bruiser. Pure Shaper.

W[edit | edit source]

W - The Shaper's second ability slot. Doesn't mean it is the second ability they will learn, just the second ability slot by default.
Ward - An item each Shaper earns at level 1. You can simply use it by clicking the button F (default). It goes on cooldown (3min) as soon as you use it. Wards grant greater Map Awareness and are usually hidden in bushes.

X[edit | edit source]

Y[edit | edit source]

Z[edit | edit source]

Zalgus - Ranged Mage. Pure Shaper.
Zeri - Ranged Support. Pure Shaper.