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A close-up picture of the Spirit Team Guardian.

The Guardian is a large creature, located near The Locus of your base. It is a powerful enemy, having high levels of Health, while also being able to deal massive bursts of damage through the abilities it has access to. Being invulnerable until all the cores are destroyed, he is also extremely hard to even get to. Even once you do destroy these cores, the Guardian will still regenerate his life bar over time, so if you are repelled from the base after nearly killing him, by the time you get back he will be at, or close to, full Health. The Guardian can easily turn around a teamfight that's going south, considering he's close enough to be part of it, and has even been known to wipe teams all by himself. However, with proper kiting techniques, the visual queues on his attacks give most players enough time to dodge out of the way of them, granted they aren't currently stunned or distracted by something else. Using these two facts, comboing your stuns or slows together with the Guardian's abilities can swiftly eliminate a member of the enemy team, if not multiple members if you get a bit lucky on the location of his skills.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

The Guardian has the ability to cast spells whenever enemies are nearby, in an attempt to defend itself. There are currently five skills that he mainly uses, although some do not directly deal damage to your enemies, and are instead used for supporting the Shapers that are allied with it. These five are -

The Laser Cannon[edit | edit source]

This is the most obvious spell to notice, while also the most deadly. It is a large laser beam that is charged up by the Guardian relatively quickly. It leaves a targeting circle on the ground for about 1/2 second, after which a giant bubble is created at the targeted ground. This will deal massive amounts of damage to anyone standing inside of it, killing squishier Shapers after just five or six ticks. One of the easiest spells to combo with your team, just simply stun or root them as the laser charges up and then let it cut their Health away.

The Stun Balls[edit | edit source]

Another dangerous ability, this one causes a ring of small floating balls to appear around the Guardian, which after all forming, slowly float outwards from him. Any enemies that this ability hits are knocked up for 1 second. If abused correctly by the defending team, they can easily start a team fight with the entire opposing team knocked up, or else have them get hit by this ability mid fight, causing them to blow their burst and not be able to finish the people they used it on. When close up to the Guardian, this is the hardest spell to evade. It is near impossible to do so unless you have Blitz, allowing you to ignore the knock up on the balls entirely due to the secondary effect of the Spell.

The Slow Field[edit | edit source]

After charging up a different ring of balls, the Guardian throws the balls out towards the largest group of enemy Shapers, which deals a chunk of damage on contact. These balls leave a slow field on the ground when they land, slowing anyone hit by the ability and anyone who walks through the area that it hit. This one is easily avoided as long as you are paying enough attention, considering the amount of time it takes for the balls to actually land on to the ground. Even then, the damage chunk isn't extremely large, and the slow isn't noticeable unless you hit 3 or 4 in a row. It's mostly good for catching people in a skill shot, such as Zalgus' Chains of Fate or Lillin's Invocation. It can also be useful when chasing enemies retreating from your base; although the slow is marginal, it still might be enough to catch up and stun or damage the fleeing enemy.

The Healing Node[edit | edit source]

Whenever there is an injured ally nearby, the Guardian will begin to drop little nodes the can be touched by a Shaper to regain some of the lost Health. There isn't much else to this ability, although this ability is the least likely to be seen considering the Guardian seems to continue using his other abilities instead of this one if there are any enemies nearby for it to still attack.

The Fire Pulse[edit | edit source]

His final ability, and the best for area denial, is his Fire Pulse ability. The Guardian fires a line of energy onto the floor which does damage for every tick after a short charge up period. It is not very large, so it's easy to dodge out of the way of. You can also dodge through the ability by using most dashes. Viridian's, Petrus', Mikella's, and King of Masks' dashes are all examples of this.

Cores[edit | edit source]

There are currently five different types of Cores in Dawngate, each one responding to a different ability that the Guardian has. Each one is as shown in the gallery above. All cores, when destroyed, remove the ability that they provided from the Guardian's ability pool. The only exception is the Energy Attack Core, which instead lowers the damage that the Guardian does slightly when it is destroyed. These cores take four?(need to check) minutes to respawn after they are destroyed, reproviding invulnerability to the Guardian, along with the ability that they provided before they were destroyed. These Cores do not provide a Vim or Experience reward for destroying them.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Not much is currently known about the Guardians. Who they are/were, how Eidolus created them, or what their original purpose even was. They now defend the Dawngate from intruders, although the reason why they do so is not known either. The only thing that is known about them is that it does not appear that they are actually "destroyed". They seem to be banished back through a portal at their feet, possibly back to the Spirit Realm, although we are not even sure of where it goes right now. If this is true, we can assume that the Guardians are Spirits themselves, just ones that are more mortal than the others. They may possibly even be mortals that passed through the Dawngate themselves, such as Eidolus did once the Dawngate was finished. The Guardians are "Living CPUs" that direct the activity of the lesser NPCs of the Dawngate. Eidolus designed the Dawngate to defend itself and repair damage, but since the Dawngate is now "bent" across both banks of the Spiritstream, the pieces on opposite shores no longer recognize each other as part of the same system, and believe eachother to be intruders.