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Risk vs. Reward[edit | edit source]

The Jungle is the area between the Lanes, Spirit Wells, and Guardians. In this area, tall grass makes you invisible to enemies, allowing for complex ambushes and offensives. Beware of movement through the Jungle, however, as wild animals can make quick prey of you as much as any Shaper can. See The Battlefield.

Buffs[edit | edit source]

The Jungle is divided into three sections which are occupied by specific monsters. Most camps spawn at 1:30, and at least one major monster camp exists in each partition of the jungle and are accompanied by camps with minor monsters. Killing a major monster gives players buffs that last for 2 minutes and 30 seconds and additional vim (or, in the case of Money Pigs, only additional vim). Camps with minor monsters respawn in three minutes from the second they are cleared; camps with major monsters respawn in five minutes.

Sahuagin General.png Mushroom Giant.png Tribal Leader.png
Statistics for Scarscale the Great. Statistics for the Shroomling Queen. Statistics for the Ugger Cheiftain.

Scarscale the Great[edit | edit source]


Shroomling Queen[edit | edit source]


Ugger Chieftain[edit | edit source]


Camps[edit | edit source]

Normal Minion camps that don't give any additional bonuses after you kill them. They're really just there for the XP and Vim that you can get from them.

Sahuagin Warriors.png Blue Mushrooms.png Ancient Tribesmen.png Money Pigs.png
Statistics for the Sahuagin Warriors. Statistics for the Blue Shroomlings. Statistics for the Ugger Tribesmen. Statistics for the Money Pigs.

Sahuagin Warriors[edit | edit source]


Blue Shroomlings[edit | edit source]


Ugger Tribesmen[edit | edit source]


Money Pigs[edit | edit source]