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A picture of the Locus during Halloween.

The Locus is the main area of a team's base. Protected by the Guardian, it is where players spawn when the match starts, and where they can but or sell items from the shop. The Locus will also rapidly heal any plays inside of it, usually being about 1/5 of their health per second. Allied Shapers can return to the Locus at any time by pressing the "b" button by default in order to start recalling. This process takes a total of 8 seconds, represented by a bar at the bottom of the screen which slowly drains. After these 8 seconds are up, the recall completes and the Shaper you are controlling is instantly teleported back to the Locus.

Any player that steps inside of an enemy Locus gets targeted by it. It will quickly fires out a stream of shots, dealing 2000 damage every single shot. This amount can be reduced by armor just as any other physical damage can. The level needed by each Shaper to survive a single shot from the Locus without any Loadouts, Items, or abilites, differs between Shapers. Marah survives it at level 11 with only 84 Health left, while Dibs, Mina, Viyana, and Zeri all live only once they reach level 14. They all have 22 Health left over afterwards. Any Shaper currently in the game cannot survive more than 2 hits, unless you include Items, Loadouts, or Abilities.

Considering all Items, Abilities, and Loadouts, the highest amount of shots that a Shaper can survive from the Locus would be 21 with Marah, if you have 5 Empathies and 1 Hope, with a Loadout of +24.4% Armor and +7.8 Armor, along with a your Ult and a Zeri Ult from a Zeri with 5 Supremacies and 1 Wisdom. She would also have a Loadout of +16% Power and +4.2 Power. This would give you 807.1 Armor, or 1131.5 Armor with Hope, and 4009.5 Health, allowing you to survive 10 shots before Hope procs, and 11 shots once it does. The next closest is having Marah instead go full Health, using 6 Defiances. She would also have a full HP and %HP loadout, and use the same ults. This would give her roughly 10k HP, however, each shot would still do ~1200 damage. This allows her to survive 9 shots.

Lore[edit | edit source]

An unknown creature being tampered with by Eidolus.

Not much is currently known about how the Loci were created by Eidolus, or what they even specifically do. Due to the Chronicles, it is known that, through both the speech represented as well as the events, that it required some sort of sacrifice in order to be activated. This sacrifice ended up being Voluc. Once it is activated, Eidolus somehow transports himself to the Spirit Realm through it, or else killed himself trying to do so. Afterwards, spirits are able to come through to the Mortal World from the Spirit World. They have not been noted to appear anywhere else, so it is assumed that is where the barriers between the two worlds are thinest.

Taking this into account, it is said that when mortals die they are sent to the Spirit World. So when characters die while fighting in the Dawngate, their souls are sent to the Spirit World, but can cross back over due to the tear in the barrier between the two worlds. However, this is supposingly an option, and not something that is forced by the Dawngate, since otherwise Eidolus would have crossed back over once he died after the creation of the Dawngate. Whenever someone crosses through the Dawngate, they are returned to their original form. Mortals are affected by this since they had a body they previously resided in, but Spirits did not. Spirits stay the way they presumably looked while in the Spirit World, since that is their original form. This is the reason, based off of information already made available to the community, that players are able to revive in Dawngate. However, this is just theoretical situations based off of evidence given by Waystone, and has not been confirmed by them. All information in this section is subject to change with the release of new information, or an official explanation by Waystone.