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The Parasite is a large monster located in the middle of The Dawngate. It is a monster similar to Baron Nashor from League of Legends, or Roshan from DotA. It has three different forms throughout the game, first spawning at 5:00, then evolving at 15:00 and again at 25:00. Once killed, he takes 5 minutes to respawn, respawning at the stage that he should be at that time period. At all stages, the Parasite gives 300 Global Vim. He always always gives 270 Experience, although this gives 30 more Experience per level that the Parasite has. He also levels up once every half a minute, gaining various amounts of stats based off his stage. Whenever the Parasite respawns, it comes back with half the level it had when it was killed. It also resets to level 1 once it evolves from one stage to the next.

First Stage[edit | edit source]

The Parasite first spawns with 48 attack, 0 power, 18 armor, 32 mr, and 3775 Health. The first stage of the Parasite, at this time, does not provide you with anything special other than the global Vim bonus to your team. Whenever this version of the Parasite levels up, it gains 2 Power and 2 Armor, 1 Magic Resist, and 225 Health.

Second Stage[edit | edit source]

The second stage of the Parasite has a buff which, when applied, grants +30 power and HP/5 equal to 1.5% of your maximum Health.

Third Stage[edit | edit source]

The final stage of the Parasite provides a buff that gives +50 power, and HP/5 equal to 3% of your maximum Health. Whenever he levels up, he gains 3 damage, 3 power, and 65 hp.