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Melee Attack.png Melee Attack
Melee Attack.png Melee Attack
Your fist of fury decimates the enemy.
Physical Damage.png Physical Damage
Physical Damage.png Physical Damage
Your ability to resist and cause damage is increased.
Damage  •  •
Carry.png Damage
Items and farm improve your performance greatly.
Disabler  •  •
Disabler.png Disabler
You can disable and control enemies with your abilities.
Durable  •
Durable.png Durable
You can sustain and outlast damage better than most Shapers.
Durable  •
Mobile.png Mobile
Your mobility is greatly enhanced through the use of your abilities.
Reprimand.png Reprimand
Crush an enemy, dealing damage based on their maximum Health.
Force Slam.png
Force Slam.png Force Slam
Leap and slam the ground, damaging and stunning nearby enemies.
Unyielding Progress.png
Unyielding Progress.png Unyielding Progress
Spin furiously, damaging nearby enemies over a few seconds. Damaging Shapers while spinning reduced your other cooldowns.
Maridian Education.png
Maridian Education.png Maridian Education
Petrus slams an enemy Shaper, damaging and launching them backwards. The target takes extra damage if they hit a wall, and damages their allies as they fly through them.
Passive.png Pure Shaper
Petrus may cast his abilities freely.
Health 515 (+77) Health Regen 7.5 (+0.65)
Attack Damage 59 (+2.4) Attack Speed 0.67 (+3.1%)
Attack Range 130 Movement Speed 390
Armor 19 (+3.4) Magic Resistance 33 (+1)
Attack Speed to Haste Ratio 0.6 CDR to Haste Ratio 0.6
Attack Damage to Power Ratio 1

Petrus is an ability-centric bruiser who can dominate the early game with extremely fast jungle clear speed and effective ganks. A mix of sustained AoE damage and a potent single target nuke make Petrus a solid Jungler who can easily afford to take the Predator role if confident in ganking success. Depending on how Petrus focuses ability-leveling, the early game can turn him into a bursty ganker or powerful counterjungler. A late-game Petrus can perform a critical teamfight engagement role, catching out squishy carries and feeding them to his team with his Ultimate or dealing enough damage to nearly instantly kill weaker targets.


Maestre Petrus Decamari, the Artificer
Age: 63 Place of Birth: Mercantile City - State of Mharidia Vitality: Progress
Allies: Mikella Acquaintances: Varion, Vex Enemies: None
“I am the Master here, and you are the pupils!”

A western Shaper of the old priestly tradition, Petrus chafed as perennial second-best to the Arch-Shaper Eidolus, architect of the Dawngate. After losing an arm, Petrus began a second career as Mikella’s tutor. Bonding with the Spirit of Progress allowed him to construct a replacement limb and resume his experiments.


My Lord Duke,

After due consideration of the options available to me, I have reached a decision. Lady Mikella has reached the limit of my abilities to educate her. She is bright enough for a young lady - perhaps more bright than is proper - but her mind is incapable of discerning the subtleties that mine can. I'm well aware that until last week, you were reconsidering the expense of my services.

I am, of course, also conscious of your desire to retain my services in light of recent circumstances. You are correct in concluding that they permit me to return to my previous level of activity. Indeed, I suspect my capacity is considerably improved; I've not yet reached the limits of it, due to my physical challenge. That, I expect, will be remedied shortly, and I appreciate the indulgence you've shown with the howls of my test subject.

However, after so long idle, I have a considerable backlog of personal projects I wish to pursue. Some of them could doubtless be profitably exploited by a man with such business acumen as yours; others are of no interest outside the realm of pure scholarship. Therefore, if you will forgive my boldness, I would like to offer you a counter-proposal.

I would be pleased to continue offering my services to you at my current level of compensation, if - if - I am permitted three full days per week to pursue my own projects, free from all interruption. The remaining four days I will devote to pursuing your interests in the Heart of the World, and overseeing the activities of your... other agents in the region.

I remain at your disposal,

Petrus Maestre Emiritus of the Mharidia Shapers' Guild


Pure Shaper
Passive Ability

Petrus may cast his abilities freely.

Hotkey: Q
Melee Range (170 m) Single Target

Petrus delivers a crushing blow, dealing 75/100/125/150/175 (+60% Power) plus 3/6/9/12/15% of the target's maximum Health as physical damage (maximum 100/200/300/400/500 against minions and creatures.)

Cooldown: 9/8/7/6/5 seconds
Force Wave
Hotkey: W
Force Slam.png
Short Range (450 m) Medium Area

Petrus leaps and slams the ground, dealing 55/80/105/140/165 (+45% Power) physical damage and stunning all nearby enemies for 0.75 seconds.

Cooldown: 11/10/9/8/7 seconds
Unyielding Progress
Hotkey: E
Unyielding Progress.png
Short Range (275 m) Centered Medium Area

First Cast: Petrus begins spinning furiously, increasing his Movement Speed by 15%, reducing the effectiveness of slowing effects by 20/25/30/35/40%, moving through units and dealing 240/330/420/510/600 (+180% Power) physical damage to all nearby enemies over 3 seconds. Unyielding Progress reduces the cooldowns of Petrus' other abilities by 0.33 seconds whenever it strikes an enemy Shaper.

Recast: Petrus ends Unyielding Progress early. It can also be ended early by casting any other ability.

Cooldown: 14/13/12/11/10 seconds
Hypersonic Punch
Hotkey: R
Maridian Education.png
Short Range (275 m) Single Target

Petrus focuses all his Force into a single strike against target enemy Shaper, dealing 200/375/550 (+90% Power) physical damage and launching them away.

The launched enemy will take an additional 175/300/425 (+70% Power) physical damage if they strike a wall, and will deal the same amount and knock aside any enemies they collide with.

Cooldown: 100/90/80 seconds

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