Spirit Wells

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Unlocked Enemy Well vs. Unlocked Ally Well
Locked Enemy Well vs. Locked Ally Well

Spirit Wells are passive resource generators located at the four corners of the map, inside of the Jungle. They give quite an advantage, especially if captured near the beginning of the game, and over time can give quite a large advantage to the controlling teams. Spirit wells are locked until 15 minutes into the match, where afterwards it can be captured by enemy Shapers. When captured, all workers are instantly killed, however any new workers that spawn will instead give the new owning team income instead of the original owner. It takes 15 seconds to capture a Spirit Well, and once it is captured it locks again for 4 minutes. These captures can easily be used to give you an advantage over the enemy team in terms of items, or else bait the enemy team into an unfavourable fight for them, allowing you to possibly even wipe the enemy team.

Spirit Well Workers[edit | edit source]

Spirit wells spawn workers over time, getting to a maximum of 18 workers. The first worker spawns at 1:15, another one spawning every 15 seconds afterwards, filling the worker line at 5:30. A single worker makes 1.5 vim every minute, with a single trip between the spirit well, the mine, and back taking 10 seconds for 0.25 vim a trip. This gives your team a final vim income of 27 vim/minute for each spirit well that a team owns. Workers also level up over time, the first level up being at 1:30 and then leveling up again every minute interval afterwards. They gain 1 damage, armor, magic resist, and 10 hp every time they level, except on levels 2, 7, 12, 17, 22, and 27 where they don't gain any damage, but receive everything else normally. On top of that they also gain 1 experience reward every time they level up, and start with a 15 xp reward.

Mathematics[edit | edit source]

At 5:45 minutes time, the first worker has been alive for 4:30, the second worker for 4:15, the third for 4:00, etc down to the 18th worker for 0 seconds (it just spawned). Therefore, at 5:45 minutes the first worker has mined 6.75 vim, the second worker has mined 6.375 vim, the third 6 vim, etc down to the 18th worker that has mined 0 vim (again since it just spawned). In the first 4.5 minutes the well generates 67.375 vim per player (336.875 team vim), and then generates a constant 27 vim per minute (135 team vim per minute) after that (since the well is now fully populated). Conversely, clearing a fully populated well is worth 104 vim at 5:45. The attacker also gains 360 experience for the 18 worker kills.

As long as you can clear the spirit well before the 8th spirit well worker spawns after the previous clear, the person that clears makes more money than the money the entire enemy team did from those workers. Since a single well worker makes 0.025 vim each second, let's take the math from above again. The first worker has been alive for 1:45, or 105 seconds, the second has been alive for 1:30, or 90 seconds, so on so forth.

Worker Number Time Alive Vim Made
One 105 seconds 2.625
Two 90 seconds 2.25
Three 75 seconds 1.875
Four 60 seconds 1.5
Five 45 seconds 1.125
Six 30 seconds 0.75
Seven 15 seconds 0.375
Eight 0 seconds 0

This gives us a total of 10.5 vim made per teammate, or 52.5 vim for the entire team, where as the clear for it will be 48 vim at base. If we move back fifteen seconds, which can be shown by removing the top worker on the table, we instead get 7.875 vim per teammate 39.375 vim for the entire team. The clearer would clear 7 workers, giving 42 vim by base. So not including experience, as long as you clear the wells every 1:30, the character clearing the well will always come ahead of the enemy in Vim. On top of that, they also receive somewhere between 126-315 xp, depending on the level of the workers when they are killed. The soonest this clear can be preformed it 3:45, when the workers are level 4. If your team can preform this clear at these trigger times, it is worth it to have the enemy team keep the spirit wells for themselves. However considering this is almost impossible to do, it will almost always be better to capture the wells for yourself.