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Ranged Attack.png Ranged Attack
Ranged Attack.png Ranged Attack
Your weapons fly further and hit harder!
Physical Damage.png Physical Damage
Physical Damage.png Physical Damage
Your ability to resist and cause damage is increased.
Carry  •  •  •
Carry.png Carry
Items and farm improve your performance greatly.
Disabler  •
Disabler.png Disabler
You can disable or control enemies with your abilities.
Creature q active full.png
Creature q active full.png Skewer
Vex produces a wave of spikes that rips through the ground, damaging each enemy it passes through. Movement-impaired enemies also have their armor reduced.
Creature w active full.png
Creature w active full.png Grievous Wounds
Passive: Vex's every third attack is a Grievous attack, dealing bonus physical damage based on the target's maximum Health. Active: For a short time, all of Vex's basic attacks are Grievous.
Creature e active full.png
Creature e active full.png Jagged Volley
Vex fires an arcing volley of spines that damage enemies in an area. The spines linger, slowing enemies that pass through them.
Creature r active full.png
Creature r active full.png Splintering Spines
Vex fires huge Splintering Spines with each basic attack for several seconds. These spines have increased range and base damage, and shatter on the target, damaging enemies behind them.
Passive.png Pure Shaper
Vex may cast his abilities freely.
Health 520 (+77) Health Regen 5 (+0.6)
Attack Damage 58 (+2.2) Attack Speed 0.71 (+2.4%)
Attack Range 550 Movement Speed 370
Armor 16 (+3) Magic Resistance 33 (+0)
Attack Speed to Haste Ratio 1 CDR to Haste Ratio 0.15
Attack Damage to Power Ratio 1

Vex is a spine-launching ranged carry that boasts all but unrivaled potential for inflicting damage—though he may have a perilous path to the top, should he get there, few are the shapers that can hope to stand up to his endless barrage of spines for any length of time. That firepower comes at a price, however—where other range carries have the ability to reposition rapidly to adapt instantly to a chaotic battle, Vex has no such mobility, forcing him into a meticulous, patient playstyle appropriate for a lurking predator, circling the battle just out of reach, waiting for the right moment to pin his foes and turn “prey” into “meat”. If you want to rain jagged death on your enemies, cutting down the mighty and the frail alike, and you think you have the cunning to stay five steps ahead while doing it, then Vex might be the Shaper for you.


Age: 4 Place of Birth: Myella Woodlands Vitality: Pain
Allies: None Acquaintances: Petrus Enemies: None
“Too smart for animal. Too dumb for hind-legger. What is Vex?”

Born a mere frax – a predator beast of the western forests – Vex was the subject of Petrus’ early Vitality Experiments into Shaping flesh. His body and mind both enhanced and damaged, he suffers constant agony. Only the blessings of the Spirit of Pain keep him alive and sane.


Language Developmental Log

Mai 4th, 1543

(growling, snarling)

Mai 10th, 1543

(growling) pain (snarling) hate (growling)

Mai 13th, 1543

(snarling) Sssstay there. (growl) N-no touch. K-k-kill. (snarl)

Mai 20th, 1543

(growl) Always hurting. No touch you. (snarl)

Mai 29th, 1543

(growl) Why you hurt? Nothing done. Always here. Only have know of here. Done bad hurting before knowing?

What do you call this? You is Mm - Massster. What calls this?

Vie- Vie- Vitality. 'Speriment. F-four. Vex.

Junil 2nd, 1543

How Vex feels? Like hurting all over. Hard heavy things inside. Hurt when moving. Hurt when breathing. Insides always crushing.

No more hurting. Always hurting. Vex wants to die.

Didn't ask for talking. Don't understand. Don't remember. Others like Vex not talk. Others like Master not hear. Who talks to Vex?

Master not talk to Vex. Master just asks, asks. How feel. Move this. Clench that. Not talk.

Junil 7th, 1543

Vex sees Master's not-talked thinking.

Vex no dies. Master holds and hurts. Opens flesh with cold bright fire-sticks. Stews Vex's insides around. Stews twitch-things in the head for nice talk. Vex juices come out all over. But no dies. Vex eats, it all closes. Hurts. But no kill.

Master made Vex no dies. Master no kill - can't kill.

Vex forget knowing pain, Vex do whatever.

Junil 12th, 1543

(The test subject escaped overnight. Judging by the blood stains, he forced his body between the bars of the cell. He would have needed to dislocate several limbs, and possibly crushed his own skull. Unfortunately, it is likely he already recovered; the stables were raided early in the morning, and one of the Duke's prized stallions found savaged and partly devoured. Maestre Petrus was displeased, but believes he has sufficient test data to begin the next phase of his work).


Pure Shaper
Passive Ability

Vex may cast his abilities freely

Hotkey: Q
Creature q active full.png
Long Range (950 m) Line

Vex summons a wave of spikes that rips through the ground, dealing 60/95/130/165/200 (+50% Power) physical damage to each enemy it passes through. Enemies with impaired movement are skewered by the spines, reducing their Armor by 15% for 5 seconds.

Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/8
Grievous Wounds
Hotkey: W
Creature w active full.png

Passive: Vex's every third basic attack will be a Grievous attack, dealing bonus magical damage equal to 3/3.5/4/4.5/5% (+2% Power) of the target's maximum Health (maximum 60/75/90/105/120 to minions and creatures.) This passive is disabled while Grievous Wounds is on cooldown.

Active: For 8 seconds, all of Vex's basic attacks are Greivous attacks.

Cooldown: 20/19/18/17/16
Jagged Volley
Hotkey: E
Creature e active full.png
Long Range (900 m) Medium Area

Vex launches the spikes on his back in a high arc towards the targeted area, dealing 50/85/120/155/190 (+30% Power) physical damage to enemies they strike. The spikes remain stuck in the ground for 4 seconds, reducing the Movement Speed of enemies in the area by 30/35/40/45/50%.

Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/8
Splintering Spikes
Hotkey: R
Creature r active full.png
Self-cast / Cone

Vex fires Splintering Spines with his basic attacks for 8 seconds. Splintering Spines have 20% increased basic attack range, 30/45/60 additional basic attack damage, and shatter on the primary target, dealing 65% of your basic attack damage as physical damage to enemies in an arc behind the primary target.

Cooldown: 100/90/80