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Melee Attack.png Melee Attack
Melee Attack.png Melee Attack
Your fists of fury decimate the enemy.
Magical and Physical Damage.png Mixed Damage
Magical and Physical Damage.png Mixed Damage
Your magical and physical prowess terrify the enemy!
Sustain  •  •  •
Sustain.png Sustain
You can remove damage taken in combat with ease.
Damage  •  •
Carry.png Damage
Items and farm improve your performance greatly.
VolucQ.png Sentinel Strike
Charge your sword, causing your next attack to deal high magical damage to enemies in an arc.
VolucW.png Curse of Weakness
Fires a shockwave at an enemy that damages, slows, and marks them, making your next attack against them deal bonus magical damage.
VolucE.png Devour
Damage all enemies in an arc and gain a stacking bonus to your Haste for each enemy struck.
VolucR.png Damnation
Create a vortex around you that deals massive damage to nearby enemies and greatly increases Lifedrain for the duration.
VolucPassive.png Mark of Consumption
Voluc may cast his abilities freely. Whenever Voluc deals damage with an ability to a target they take magical damage over time based on their max Health. Voluc is healed an amount equal to the damage dealt.
Health 525 (+78) Health Regen 8 (+0.5)
Attack Damage 63 (+2.7) Attack Speed 0.67 (+3%)
Attack Range 160 Movement Speed 395
Armor 21 (+3) Magic Resistance 33 (+1)
Attack Speed to Haste Ratio 1 CDR to Haste Ratio 0.2
Attack Damage to Power Ratio 1

Voluc is a high damage, high sustain melee Bruiser adept at engaging teamfights and dealing widespread area damage to enemy Shapers. Voluc makes up for his lack of hard crowd control with pure damage, often outdamaging and outsustaining any other Shaper in a duel. Natural Lifedrain and health return on his kit encourage Voluc to stay in a fight, even when the outlook is grim. Never underestimate the amount of health Voluc can gain when using his Ultimate in a group of enemy Shapers or minions.


Arch-Sentinel Jeronym Voluc, the Devourer
Age: 47 Place of Birth: Varden, Queendom of Falkrent Vitality: Consumption
Allies: None Acquaintances: None Enemies: None
“I imagine what might happen if my wife came looking for me. If my little girl saw me asleep in the grass, surrounded by a fall of dead sparrows. If she ran up to hug me..."

Once the leader of a paladin order, Voluc bonded with the Spirit of Consumption as he lay dying in the holy woods. No longer quite human, he must remain tirelessly vigilant, lest the Vitality he wields suck the very life from all around him.


Spirit of Will, bless me.

Spirit of Abstinence, bless me.

Spirit of Charity, bless me.

It's hard to keep it leashed while awake. I can't control it at all while I sleep. I've tried staying awake. I've bruised my knuckles from punching trees. I drew blood biting my hands. Hoping, praying pain would keep me from sleep. It worked but briefly. I'd snap awake to find the light had shifted, and ring of dead animals around me.

I've gone deep into the woods, damning myself further with every step, profaning this holy ground with my unclean feet. But I wouldn't dare venture beyond the depths of the Heart, where men might come upon me. I imagine what might happen if my wife came looking for me. If my little girl saw me asleep in the grass, surrounded by a fall of dead sparrows. If she ran up to hug me...

I wonder if they still look for me. Oh, I pray they don't. I hope they're heartbroken, lighting candles in my name. I hope they've given up on ever seeing me again.

All night, I feel the malignant, restless turnings of the Spirit in my gut. It WANTS. Oh, how it WANTS. I feel my desire to see Lizabet and Kastanie. It tempts me with it. Twists my thoughts with excuses. I could just look on them from a distance. I could travel well clear of roads. I could abandon my name, so they don't hear fresh word of me. I could, I could, I could...

It doesn't speak - not in a way I recognize. But I can tell its raw, desperate cravings from my own. So far, at least.

Spirit of Will, bless me.

Spirit of Abstinence, bless me.

Spirit of Clarity, bless me.

I'm in hell.


Pure Shaper - Mark of Consumption
Passive Ability

Voluc may cast his abilities freely.

Whenever Voluc deals damage with an ability to a target he applies a Mark of Consumption, causing them to take 3% (+1.5% Power) of their maximum health as magical damage over 2 seconds. Voluc is healed an amount equal to 50% of the damage dealt.

Against non-shapers the total damage is reduced to 1.5% (+0.8% Power) of their maximum health and cannot exceed 46 damage.

Sentinel Strike
Hotkey: Q
Self-Cast Cone

Voluc fill his blade with baleful energy, causing his next basic attack within 6 seconds to deal 40/75/110/145/180 (+70% Power) magical damage to his target and every enemy in an arc in front of him.

Basic attacks against Shapers reduce the cooldown of Sentinel Stike by 2 seconds. The cooldown reduction effect only triggers against your primary target.

Cooldown: 10/9/8/7/6 seconds
Curse of Weakness
Hotkey: W
Medium Range (575 m) Single Target

Voluc cuts a path towards target enemy with a shockwave, dealing 30/45/60/75/90 (+30% Power) magical damage to each enemy it passes through, reducing the primary target's Movement Speed by 40/45/50/55/60% for 4 seconds and secondary targets' by 19/23/27/31/35% for 2 seconds.

Curse of Weakness marks the primary target for 5 seconds. Voluc's next basic attack against the marked target deals 50/75/100/125/150 (+50% Power) bonus magical damage.

Cooldown: 14/13/12/11/10 seconds
Hotkey: E
Medium Range (540 m) Cone

Voluc howls with rage, dealing 55/95/135/175/215 (+60% Power) magical damage to all enemies in an arc. Voluc gains 1 stack of Vengeance for each enemy hit (2 from Shapers), which increases Voluc's Haste by 5/7.5/10/12.5/15 per stack and lasts 4 seconds. This effect can stack up to 4 times for a total of 20/30/40/50/60 bonus Haste.

Cooldown: 10/9.5/9/8.5/8 seconds
Hotkey: R
Large Area (400 m) Centered Medium Area

Voluc creates a vortex of blight around him, dealing 175/300/425 (+100% Power) magical damage over 4 seconds to all nearby enemies. Damnation grants Voluc 30/45/60% bonus Lifedrain for the duration of the effect.

Cooldown: 100/90/80 seconds

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