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Ranged Attack.png Ranged Attack
Ranged Attack.png Ranged Attack
Your weapons fly further and hit harder!
Magic Damage.png Magic Damage
Magic Damage.png Magic Damage
Enemies quake at your magical strength!
Damage  •  •  •
Carry.png Damage
Items and farm improve your performance greatly.
Disabler  •
Disabler.png Disabler
You can disable and control enemies with your abilities.
Utility  •
Utility.png Utility
You can improve the performance of other Shapers greatly.
ZalgusQ.png Chains of Fate
Zalgus throws a chain that damages, roots, and links all Shapers it passes through, Whenever Zalgus damages a linked Shaper, all other linked Shapers are damaged as well.
ZalgusW.png Burden of Knowledge
Passive: Zalgus' basic attacks deal additional magical damage and can slow enemy Shapers. Active: Reveals all enemies in a massive arc.
ZalgusE.png Great Rift
Zalgus creates a portent at a targeted location that erupts, dealing damage to nearby enemies.
ZalgusR.png Final Chapter
Zalgus fires an energy blast, damaging the first enemy Shaper it strikes. If it kills that enemy, for a short time, Zalgus can recast Final Chapter again each time he kills a Shaper with it.
ZalgusPassive.png Pure Shaper
Zalgus may cast his abilities freely.
Health 450 (+67) Health Regen 5 (+0.45)
Attack Damage 54 (+2.8) Attack Speed 0.67 (+1.6%)
Attack Range 550 Movement Speed 380
Armor 15 (+3.1) Magic Resistance 33 (+0)
Attack Speed to Haste Ratio 0.2 CDR to Haste Ratio 0.6
Attack Damage to Power Ratio 0.2

Zalgus is a ranged, magical damage mage that dominates the late game with his incredible damage. Zalgus performs best in the lane, excelling at both the harass-focused Tactician role and, more so than other mages, the farm-focused Gladiator role. In the early game, Zalgus must often focus on either a more crowd control-focused build or a more burst combo build, depending on which abilities he ranks first. Pay attention to what your lane partner’s strengths and weaknesses are to determine the best ability order. Zalgus has no mobility whatsoever, making him extremely vulnerable – using crowd control abilities at the wrong time can often end in Zalgus’ death. Zalgus’ late game and teamfight damage is nearly unparalleled. Linking an entire enemy team with Chains can cause enormous team-wide damage and allow Zalgus the opportunity he needs to secure several kills with his Ultimate.


Zalgus Silander Tallund, the Loremaster
Age: 21 Place of Birth: Risenne, Queendom of Chassart Vitality: Fate
Allies: None Acquaintances: None Enemies: None
“A sum of four posteriors given the boot!"

Effete, intelligent, and obsessed with outcomes, Zalgus expected his fate as son of the northern Duchess was to be married off for political gain. The Spirit of Fate showed him the future is not as blandly predictable as he anticipated.


Good fellow, do I appear suited for physical labor? That is why those of my class employ those of your class. I spend as much time honing the keen edge of my intellect as your spend honing... hm, the size of your biceps, I suppose?

I read too much? Oh, surely you jest. One can't read too much. It is like unto claiming that one can breathe too much. So long as there are words yet to be read, it is my privilege - nay, my duty - to seek them out and wring from them the last dregs of truth's sweet wine.

But perhaps this is envy speaking. Do you find your own wits muddled by exposure to the written word? I'll pause so you can unpack that statement.

Still with me? Ah, I can tell by the way your mono-brow furrows that you are. Whoop! No need for violence, now. I - ha! - I assure you, I'm quite capable of - ah! - dodging such clumsy blows. See here, good fellow. If you - hup! - insist on - hah! - pressing the issu-!

That was volume six of Nisterius' "History of the Karthic Speaking Peoples." How is your head? Can you tell me how many fingers I'm holding up? Well, of course I hit you. Really, sir, I've only two cheeks to turn at your repeated insults. Four if you're vulgar.

Ah, and I can see my lovely sister boiling over here now. Doubtless to waggle her finger at me for abusing the help. She's so uptight.

Speaking of which, I've heard you and your cohorts' lascivious comments regarding her posterior. I do suggest you tell her this was an innocent misunderstanding between us. She would throw something far heavier than a book at your head.


Pure Shaper
Passive Ability

Zalgus may cast his abilities freely.

Chains of Fate
Hotkey: Q
Long Range (1025 m) Line

Zalgus fires an enchanted chain in the target direction, dealing 50/95/140/185/230 (+60% Power) magical damage to each enemy they pass through. Each Shaper struck becomes rooted for 0.75/1/1.25/1.5/1.75 seconds, revealed for 5 seconds, and releases lesser chains that link to other nearby enemy shapers. (Links break if stretched too far.)

Whenever any linked shaper is damaged by one of Zalgus's attacks or abilities, any other linked shapers that werent' damaged by that ability take damage based on how many shapers are linked together.

Two Shapers Chained: 100% Damage
Three Shapers Chained: 85% Damage
Four Shapers Chained: 70% Damage
Five Shapers Chained: 55% Damage

Cooldown: 13/12/11/10/9 seconds
Burden of Knowledge
Hotkey: W
Very Long Range (2720 m) Cone

Passive: Zalgus summons a book that follows him, dealing 15/30/45/60/75 (+55% Power) bonus magical damage each basic attack. Every 24/22/20/18/16 seconds, the book becomes empowered, causing Zalgus's next basic attack against an enemy Shaper to slow the target by 40/50/60/70/80% decaying 0.5 seconds.

Active: Zalgus' piercing gaze reveals all enemies in a massive arc for 3 seconds.

Cooldown: 45/40/35/30/25 seconds
Great Rift
Hotkey: E
Long Range (1000 m) Small Area

Zalgus creates an astrological portent at a targeted location. After a short delay, light erupts from the portent, dealing 80/130/180/230/280 (+75% Power) magical damage to nearby enemies.

Cooldown: 13/12/11/10/9 seconds
Final Chapter
Hotkey: R
Very Long Range (2750 m) Line

Multi-Cast: Zalgus focuses briefly, then opens a forbidden tome in a targeted direction, unleashing a blast of energy that deals 275/375/475 (+80% Power) magical damage to the first enemy Shaper it strikes.

If the blast kills a shaper, Zalgus enters a trance for the next 12 seconds in which he may recast Final Chapter each time he kills an enemy with it.

Cooldown: 100/90/80 seconds


  • Zalgus is named after Dawngate's Creative Director, Hunter "Zalgus" Howe.

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